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I Have 4 Watches & I Am Looking to Buy More - For Collection & Some To Resell On Your Behalf
I Will Also Make Bespoke Watches to Order For Occasions Such As

Eid - Christmas - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Fathers Day - Mothers Day - Valentine's Day - Easter
& General Sales & Repairs
A Unique Personalised Handmade Chronological Gift From as Little as £75 Gift-Wrapped

My first watch was a Christmas Present from my Dad
With 7 Children The Christmas Tree Was Always Resplendent with Gifts
One Day I Was Cheeky enough to See What Was In the Small Present
I opened the Present carefully so as not to tear it but when I saw the
Box inside it was an Aftershave Box - I thought my Dad had lost his senses!

I put the Present Back concerned about my Dad!!! I was way too young to start shaving!

On Christmas Day I opened the Gift to See The Aftershave Box but didn't open the box
I had to go in the Hallway out of the Living Room I was so worried about Dad
Two of my Sisters followed me into the Hallway and said see what is in the Box
I opened the Box expecting a Bottle of Aftershave & Was so relieved & Happy to Find a Boy's Watch!!!
Dad was always full of Surprises!!!

The 4 Watches I am Starting Off With Are Two from the 1980s - A Braddon Calculator Watch without a strap
& A Zeon Space Invaders Watch
The Other 2 Are a B. Jobin Vintage Watch & A Roamer Watch which is an Heirloom as it was my Dad's
When Dad Passed Away It was mentioned by one of my sister's that his Watch was in the Watch stall In town
so the next day I went to collect it and when I explained it was my Dad's & He had passed away the assistant was very understanding

Dad's Roamer Watch - Now a Heirloom Worn Every Day

Zeon Space Invaders Watch

A B. Jobin Incabloc Watch 17 Jewels

1980s Calculator Watch

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