House of Ewood is a Collectables Site Authored and Items sourced and bought by Damian John Paul Brown.

The Brown Family having lived on Bolton Road, Ewood for 4 Generations, Damian being of the 4th.

1st Generation) Great Grandad John (1869-1934)
2nd Generation) Grandad Francis (1899-1959)
3rd Generation) Dad John Leo (1931-1999)
4th Generation) Damian John (born 1968) & Six Sisters

'fede sendoa' is Basque for 'Strong Faith'

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Relevant Items are Vintage Cufflinks, Items of French Royal Connection (especially Angouleme) and Unique Items

Joe's Collectables - Pottery, Paintings, Glass, Books, Furniture, Bric-a-Brac, Vinyl Records, Photos

6a, Market Street
Phone: 07510 814 357

Not All Items Listed are For Sale

1) Handwritten Ink Copy (1 of 80) of Congress Declaration of Independence 4th July 1776

2) Book: Burke's Royal Families of the World - Volume 1 Europe & Latin America

3) Silver/Gold Cufflinks and Rolled Gold Shirt Studs manufactured by Percy Pike (Goldsmith) The Square, Market Harborough circa 1922 in Original Box

4) 6 OTARD Cognac Drink Glasses - OTARD Cognac is made in the Castle of Cognac, Southern France, where King Francis I of France was born

5) BMW Badge

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