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Backpack – Blackburn with Darwen

Why would you like to visit Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire in the North West of England when there are so many so called beautiful cities to visit around the global village we are all virtual citizens of?

Blackburn with Darwen is there to explore and learn about life, Buskers will greet you with a tune on the penny whistle or guitar.  Every now and again there will be a violin player.  That is just a start and it will make you feel at home when you drop 50p in a hat to show your appreciation this Christmas.

Avoid the main shopping area altogether, walk round it by all means and do a bit of window shopping but your budget won’t stretch to line the coffers of logo familiar companies.  Ask an Asian where Whalley Range Bazaar is and on your way there you will come across Lancashire Trimmings where you can get advice on what material you could buy at the many material supply shops at the Bazaar.

On the corner from Lancashire Trimmings towards the Bazaar is Meena Bakery where you have such a big range of baked on the premises food to choose from you’ll hardly believe your eyes.  Whether you need a Birthday Cake or a snack to keep you going make sure you try the Cashew & Almond Treat.  Did you know that Cashew Nuts are high in Zinc which is good for growth and has many advantages?

Take your time in the many Material Shops spaced around the teardrop shaped Bazaar and choose wisely.  When you are ready for something more to eat you can’t beat the 7” Seafood with Mushroom Pizza with Garlic Sauce from Pizza Island not to mention the friendly service when you mention this Blog.  Ask for Mohamed Ali Alwan & ask him about Garlic Sauce Bottle Sizes.  If you can’t get to Blackburn, Lancashire by Christmas Eve ring 07890566647 to order your Sauces in time.

‘2p to get me a mars bar’

From being a kid about age 8 I used to earn 2p every time I went to Tom’s shop for a mars bar for one of my sisters.  I usually bought a penny toffee and a couple of white chocolate mice which were a halfpenny each.  This was back in the 1970s when mars bars themselves were only 10p each.

I have just re-read the ‘Rich List 2016’ which lists the top 1000 richest with a link to the UK.  To be on the list you need to be valued at £103 million or more and the first on the list is valued at £13.1 billion.

The 2p for a mars bar gave a 20% margin and the rate for going to get a mars bar at the same rate of 20% today would be about 10p.  The reason I started writing this was because it mentioned on a couple of billionaires’ bios how they earned money under the age of 10.

One thing I noticed when reading the list of billionaires was that most of them were aged over 50 and a lot of them were in their 60s and 70s, the oldest being 96. Chocolate Lovers please follow & tweet @EnglandRovers

I am now 48, half the age of the oldest person on the top 1000 rich list who is worth £1.05 billion including his family.  I have been self-employed since age 23 and my biggest earning day was when I caught the overnight train to Glasgow when I was 26 and collected a cheque from a registration plate sales company as they had sold A1 RFC on my behalf which I presumed was for a Rangers fan.  It is probably worth about £20,000 or more today, over 10 times more than it was sold for back in 1994.

Now I have a stock of internet domain names, the host domain being and there are approaching 10,000 visits per month to that and over 100 other domains.  One of the domain names is highlighted below which is merely a coincidence with my ‘child labour’.


Need Help with the Online Side of Your Business?

Phone: 07424 065 372

The Iraq War & Conclusions

Intelligence Services who snoop on their own Sovereign Subjects seem to have got it all wrong but they are ultimately controlled by their Government headed by the Prime Minister who at the time of the start negotiations of the Iraq Invasion by Blair’s Government including his Blair Babes, as they were so glad to be called or perhaps it was an ironic coining by a right wing or satirical newspaper or magazine, was being advised partially by proud Burnley Fan, Alastair Campbell, @CampbellClaret on twitter.

On the 7th July 2016 @CampbellClaret said on a telly interview on BBC1 in the morning that he used to ‘avoid’ a certain ‘important’ official person who wanted to talk them out of invading Iraq.

Now we people do not know how much pressure the Government was under from Central Banksters who are the puppet masters of politicians the world over, except the Iraqi Central Bank at the time was most likely state controlled.  Iceland currently has a Central Bank not controlled by Banksters so what are George W Bush & Tory Blair going to do about that if coerced by Banksters.

I’m not saying Saddam Hussain was a good man but the poor people of Iraq who were invaded and killed ferociously will get their treat on Judgement Day when they see the people responsible for cutting short their lives in a horrendous manner see those murderers cast into a pit of fire by order of God.  (I AM Roman Catholic but haven’t been to Mass for over 1.5 years)

In conclusion, when people tell you that it is Banksters who rule the world, please believe them and stop chasing money, it doesn’t make you happy and Banksters get a power buzz (Megalomania) from money.  But you also have to think who is in league with the Banksters not through fear but because they see it as an easy way out as they think they are more intelligent than us whereas I think that most people are equally intelligent but show it in different ways.  Express Yourself & Stand Up For Yourself… On Judgement Day you will be stood on your own in front of God & Christ and they will make the decision, so next time you go to the local Bank ask who actually owns it, and if they don’t know or won’t tell you then either make endeavours to find out or withdraw all your money.  If you have a mortgage with a Bank then you’ll need to Pray your heart out that you’ll find a solution before they take your house off you…

Banks do not hold enough money to pay back all their customers so the Banks will have to call in their assets which could be your house and even then they won’t have enough money…

England Manager Application Letter


Dear English FA,

I am applying now to be the England Manager, after England have played just one match of Euro 2016 which they agonisingly drew due to Wayne Rooney being substituted which I see as Roy Hodgson’s fault.

I applied to be Player-Manager of England when the Swedish Sven was appointed and I even visited the English FA after that when the Umbrella manager was hardly in charge.  I spoke to a youngish man with a suit on who was good enough to listen to me and he agreed with me when I told him I fear no man.  I Fear God in every which way of his 3 forms I may meet Him again.  (Read Isaiah 42 – I will put my Spirit on him…)

As I am age 48 I will settle as Manager of England and hope to recruit Rio Ferdinand, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer as Coaches in their relevant areas in time for the qualifying matches towards the World Cup in Russia 2018 but I would also like to be registered as a player just in case, to come on as a substitute.

My home postal address is below and my phone number is above so you have no excuse for not contacting me to say yes or no for an interview.

As a matter of transparency I will place this letter without my contact details on the Blog at .  I was born in Darwen, Lancashire, being a self-employed Computer Programmer by trade.

I haven’t played football for almost 9 months as I had a problem with my right knee such that I couldn’t walk down steps properly but will train at Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre in the morning where on my debut a few years ago I scored 5 goals although most recently playing I had provided mainly assists playing left-back which is my preferred playing position. An attacking midfield playing position also suits me.

Yours truly,
Damian John Brown


Addendum: Roy Hodgson did alright in the Wales Match by putting on two substitutes at half-time but in my opinion, Jamie Vardy should have been on from the start instead of Harry Kane.

Letter To Leeds United Fans #LUFC #MOT

Tweet: @EnglandRovers

Dear Leeds United Fans,

Football is a funny old game. God has given me the talent to put the Fear of God into people. This will be especially so with your current squad of Leeds United players. No Leeds United manager so far this season has done anything to satisfy the great hunger of those loyal fans who are marching on together.

From twitter I know two Leeds United fans, Mark and Richard, who will give me references by the end of this season to become the Leeds United manager. I know another Leeds United fan who thinks he has scored a better goal than me. The ball was coming to him in the air while he was on the edge of the area so he chested it down and volleyed it into the net whereas my best goal was beating two or three players on the left wing, getting to the corner of the penalty area and striking a sweet right foot curling shot into the far top corner of the goal to which most people on the pitched chorused, “Good Goal!”

You decide. I don’t keep a CV, at age 47 I still play indoor football but I will need my coaching badges. I am skint at the moment and and will have to have borrowed money to pay for the stamp for this letter. I just hope it reaches you by Wednesday (Thursday) when you play Blackburn Rovers.

I look forward to the day when all land disputes are settled by football matches which is related in the Coat of Peace of the House of Ewood above. ‘fede sendoa’ is Basque for ‘Strong Faith’ and the House of Ewood stems from four generations of our family living on Bolton Road, Ewood. It is nothing to do with the fact that Blackburn Rovers play home matches at Ewood Park.

I have 8 ‘O’-Levels, 3 ‘A’-Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and dropped out of Polytechnic after passing two years of a course in Electronic & Information Engineering. I program computers, write history and research genealogy being self-employed since 1991 and now allowed to work up to 16 hours per week.

I need the experience with Leeds United to one day become England manager and win the World Cup again. All I can promise is that I will be no worse than Brian Clough during his tenure at Leeds United and quite likely eclipse him at club football level as a manager. I will need a 5 year contract with good remuneration.

Further details can be discussed at interview closer to the Summer. Meanwhile you may write to me with your thoughts or email or tweet your thoughts.

Yours Faithfully,

Damian John Brown

House of Ewood – Great Great Great Grandad Search £50 Reward

House of Ewood

Dear people of Newton-with-Scales, Whittingham & Goosnargh also throughout Lancashire,
Great Great Great Grandad John Brown was born in Whittingham around 1799, a contemporary of Wiliam Turner who was born at Whittingham Hall and became the First Bishop of Salford. Bishop William’s baptism is recorded but Great Great Great Grandad John’s baptism is not recorded so there is a Mystery as to his birth.
The Brownes (with an ‘e’) of Newton-with-Scales who lived at the Highgate had an Ancestor who swapped some land with the Cliftons to gain land in Whittingham in the 15th Century.
We would like to know if there are any Brownes or Browns in Whittingham or Goosnargh who may know of a connection to the Brownes of Newton-with-Scales or if there are Brownes or Browns still in Newton-with Scales.
The House of Ewood Family is so named as 4 Generations lived on Bolton Road, Ewood including the current Generation.
Great Great Great Grandad John Brown (born Whittingham ca. 1799) married in Chipping in 1824 Martha Keighley (born Hothersall) whose first daughter Great Great Grandma Mary Ann Brown (baptised at Lee House) gave birth to Great Grandad John Brown (born Samlesbury) on 2nd December 1869. Great Grandad John married Mary Elizabeth Ainsworth and had a son Grandad Francis (born Samlesbury 1899), the first two Generations to live on Bolton Road, Ewood. Grandad Francis married Elizabeth Jackson who lived across the road on Bolton Road, Ewood and Dad John Leo (born Blackburn 1931) married Mum and they had seven children including myself, Damian John Brown, the only son and we all lived on Bolton Road, Ewood up until 1974. Grandma Elizabeth’s home is currently to let and yet to be enquired about.
Dad passed away in 1999 so as Head of the House of Ewood I am seeking to find roots further back than 1799. Your help would be greatly appreciated and there is a reward of £50 to anyone who can prove with records a link back to the Brownes of Newton-with-Scales and £50 to anyone who can prove with record Great Great Great Grandad John’s birth or baptism so his parents may be detected.
A record of a John Brown baptised in Samlesbury in 1799 has been found but on the Census records Great Great Great Grandad John is denoted as born in Whittingham, Lancashire.
You can contact Damian on mobile 07510 814 357 or by email at or by tweeting @EnglandRovers should you be named Brown or Browne or should you know of any links and records. There was a Church at Duxendean in Whittingham but it was taken down in the 1800s and there don’t seem to be any records.
Yours Faithfully,

Damian John Brown – House of Ewood –
P.S. ‘fede sendoa’ on the Coat of Peace is Basque for ‘Strong Faith’
P.P.S. Great Grandad John ended up Manager-Director of Scotshaw Brook Paper Mill, Branch Road, Ewood after starting as a Paper Maker in a workhouse about age 14 and left over £5,000 (worth about £800,000 in equivalent earnings today) in his will in 1934 after being fatally injured by a tramcar on Bolton Road. The Mill is now up for sale with the current owners looking for offers around £475,000 which would be a good starter for the House of Ewood Portfolio with the help of any finance contributors to create a Bike and Skateboard Park for the people of Lancashire. Also should you know of Land for Sale in Lancashire please get in touch.


Chingle Hall – Goosnargh

Chingle Hall in Goosnargh, a small village in Lancashire, is said to be the Birthplace of Saint John Wall, O.F.M.  Adam de Singleton built Chingle Hall around 1260 but it was 360 years later that Saint John Wall was born.

The massive, studded oak door is the original one that Adam de Singleton installed in 1260 and it has a large and weighty “Y” knocker that is unique as it is the only one known to exist.  Adam used good, seasoned oak for the great corner posts and the interior beams which have a typical  curve to them as they came from old sailing vessels that came into good use from old ships in the Ribble, this being a feature in various coastal districts of England where ancient buildings exist within distance of the older seaports.

The large porch contains an interesting feature in the form of a “signal” window, signifying that here in Penal times existed a Mass-centre.   The window in the South wall would occasionally bear a light to let Roman Catholics in the neighbourhood know that Mass was about to be celebrated.

More Information to Come…

Samlesbury Hall

The story of a house through 600 years of changing fortunes it reflects English History itself.  Samlesbury Hall in the 20th Century mainly depended on those who look behind the material brashness of those contemporary times, to things that have endured through centuries of English History and remained as the only solid foundation of the current early 21st Century – love of home, love of beauty, social responsibility, service of God and our neighbour.

Over 600 years ago Gilbert de Southworth had lived with his father-in-law and bride at what is now known as Old Samlesbury Hall.  It was burnt down by marauding Scots so Gilbert decided to build a new Hall 2 miles away among the oak trees.  Gilbert’s father-in-law provided the necessary cash and materials much like for most newlyweds who needed a home.

 More Information to Come…

Lancashire Halls & Old Families Blog Introduction

Welcome to The Lancashire Halls & Old Families Blog, Blogger Damian here, I became interested in Family Halls in Lancashire a couple of years ago and was lucky to find a book on Lancashire Halls on Terry’s Bookstall on Preston Market.  It happened so funnily, I was perusing his stall not knowing if there was a book on Lancashire Halls and I asked him straight out, “Have you got a book on Lancashire Halls?” and Terry just said, “Yeah, there!” and pointed to a book that would have been right in front of my eyes if I hadn’t have asked.

I also have a book on Lancashire’s Old Families by Jessica Lofthouse which is signed by Jessica, Easter Eve 1980.  Both Jessica and the Lady who wrote the Lancashire Halls book have passed away.  I do not have access to the Lancashire Halls book at the moment as it is under a pile of books in my bedroom but I have Jessica’s book, Lancashire’s Old Families, right with me.

I will cycle to each Hall to take a picture and try my luck at getting to know the current inhabitants.  Jessica Lofthouse drew pictures of the Halls.  I have already seen from outside the gates, Lovely Hall on Lovely Hall Lane, Salesbury, Blackburn and I was taken away by its beauty.  It also had a farm at the back.

I have also visited Shawley Hall which is now a rundown farmhouse occupied by the Booths but once owned by the Walmesleys, who more of in later blogs.  Judge Walmesley  being the most famous having a Public House named after him which is now a Thai Restaurant.

I will be using the Lancashire Record Office in Preston to garner more information on the Halls and the Families who created the true stories behind them.

I hope to see fellow Lancastrians searching out the Halls on Train, Bus, Cycle or Foot and Countrymen from further afield.  I will try and arrange Coach Trips to the few Halls that are open to the Public.  Hopefully too, Tourists from the Continent and further afield from Asia and the Americas will appreciate a breathtaking trip.

Please enjoy this Blog as it should be enjoyed with interest from Persons of all ages, I will enjoy Blogging and enjoy visiting the Halls to photograph them.  Photos will appear on Blogs as if by Magic.