House of Ewood – Great Great Great Grandad Search £50 Reward

House of Ewood

Dear people of Newton-with-Scales, Whittingham & Goosnargh also throughout Lancashire,
Great Great Great Grandad John Brown was born in Whittingham around 1799, a contemporary of Wiliam Turner who was born at Whittingham Hall and became the First Bishop of Salford. Bishop William’s baptism is recorded but Great Great Great Grandad John’s baptism is not recorded so there is a Mystery as to his birth.
The Brownes (with an ‘e’) of Newton-with-Scales who lived at the Highgate had an Ancestor who swapped some land with the Cliftons to gain land in Whittingham in the 15th Century.
We would like to know if there are any Brownes or Browns in Whittingham or Goosnargh who may know of a connection to the Brownes of Newton-with-Scales or if there are Brownes or Browns still in Newton-with Scales.
The House of Ewood Family is so named as 4 Generations lived on Bolton Road, Ewood including the current Generation.
Great Great Great Grandad John Brown (born Whittingham ca. 1799) married in Chipping in 1824 Martha Keighley (born Hothersall) whose first daughter Great Great Grandma Mary Ann Brown (baptised at Lee House) gave birth to Great Grandad John Brown (born Samlesbury) on 2nd December 1869. Great Grandad John married Mary Elizabeth Ainsworth and had a son Grandad Francis (born Samlesbury 1899), the first two Generations to live on Bolton Road, Ewood. Grandad Francis married Elizabeth Jackson who lived across the road on Bolton Road, Ewood and Dad John Leo (born Blackburn 1931) married Mum and they had seven children including myself, Damian John Brown, the only son and we all lived on Bolton Road, Ewood up until 1974. Grandma Elizabeth’s home is currently to let and yet to be enquired about.
Dad passed away in 1999 so as Head of the House of Ewood I am seeking to find roots further back than 1799. Your help would be greatly appreciated and there is a reward of £50 to anyone who can prove with records a link back to the Brownes of Newton-with-Scales and £50 to anyone who can prove with record Great Great Great Grandad John’s birth or baptism so his parents may be detected.
A record of a John Brown baptised in Samlesbury in 1799 has been found but on the Census records Great Great Great Grandad John is denoted as born in Whittingham, Lancashire.
You can contact Damian on mobile 07510 814 357 or by email at or by tweeting @EnglandRovers should you be named Brown or Browne or should you know of any links and records. There was a Church at Duxendean in Whittingham but it was taken down in the 1800s and there don’t seem to be any records.
Yours Faithfully,

Damian John Brown – House of Ewood –
P.S. ‘fede sendoa’ on the Coat of Peace is Basque for ‘Strong Faith’
P.P.S. Great Grandad John ended up Manager-Director of Scotshaw Brook Paper Mill, Branch Road, Ewood after starting as a Paper Maker in a workhouse about age 14 and left over £5,000 (worth about £800,000 in equivalent earnings today) in his will in 1934 after being fatally injured by a tramcar on Bolton Road. The Mill is now up for sale with the current owners looking for offers around £475,000 which would be a good starter for the House of Ewood Portfolio with the help of any finance contributors to create a Bike and Skateboard Park for the people of Lancashire. Also should you know of Land for Sale in Lancashire please get in touch.