The Goal of The House of Ewood

The Goal of the House of Ewood

The Points of The Goal of the House of Ewood is a non-political Manifesto

i) Once Visited by the Head of the House of Ewood or a Family Representative, each Nation Visited Will Be Asked to Display the ‘Coat of Peace’, as seen above, In The Top North West Corner of Their National Flag

ii) Each Nation Will be an Independent Nation Tied to No Other Nation or Powerbroker. Nation Boundaries, As Instructed by God Almighty in the Holy Bible Not To Be Broken, Will Be Worked Out By All Neighbouring Nations In Remembrance Of Almighty God & Jesus Christ’s Command To Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself. Nations May Choose To Have a King Or Queen By Voting (Tanistry).

iii) Disputed Land Ownership Between Nations Will Be Contested By 3 Football (Soccer) Matches, 1 Home, 1 Away and 1 in a Neutral Country With The First Choice Neutral Nation By All, Apart From England, Will Be England At Wembley Stadium. The Nations Of The Current United Kingdom Should Show An Example To The Rest Of The Earth And Allow Scotland & England to Sort Out Land Differences In The North West of England as Independent Nations.

iv) Religious Autonomy Is The Responsibility of Each Individual, In Other Words Learn, Love and Embrace Other Religions, Promote Peace And Remember To Love Thy Neighbour.
v) The Commonwealth of Nations Will Start With England Helping Other Nations Who Have Been Subdued By The IMF (International Monetary Fund) & Central Banks To Show That Money Is NOT ‘The Be All And End All’ of Living A Moral Life. Consumerism Is NOT The Way Forward.

vi) The 7 Billion+ Persons Of The Earth Should Regard Their Peers As Equals And Respect Their Elders Through The Commandment To Honour Thy Mother and Father.

vii) You Are By No Means Bound By The Points Of The Goal of the House of Ewood But You May Reflect On The Points Above (i-vi) And This One (vii) And That Jesus Christ Taught Forgiveness.

The Above Points, Subject To Change And Addition By Communication Between Nations, Were Created By The Head Of The House of Ewood, Damian John Paul Brown, On Monday 23rd February 2015. Accept NO MARKS On Your Right Hand Or Forehead In Order To Be Able To Trade As Is Warned In The Book Of Revelation, The Last Book Of The New Testament of The Holy Bible.
Contact Damian John Paul Brown On Twitter @EnglandRovers

The House of Ewood Society of Entrepreneurs, Homeworkers & Teleworkers

The House of Ewood Society of Entrepreneurs, Homeworkers & Teleworkers

The Inaugural Meeting of the Society will be held at Northgate Hall, just off Northgate above Poundcraze, Blackburn Town Centre, Lancashire, England.

Meetings of the Society will be held Monthly on the First Friday Evening of Each Month from 7pm to discuss all things pertaining to Entrepreneurship, Homeworking and Teleworking.

All are Welcome should you be thinking of becoming self-employed at some time to take advantage of Today’s Technology and Sales & Marketing in General. You may already be experienced in selling by online auctions and you may want to turn this into a niche business if possible.

Homeworkers can be as diverse as Artist to Tailor to Electronic Component Solderers and Teleworkers are just users of the Internet who would like to make a bit of money through online services and e-commerce.

The Head of the Society, Damian John Brown, has been an Internet Consultant since 1995 and Welcomes anyone who would like to know more.

Membership will cost £5 per Year starting in April each year. Nothing needs to be payed for the First Meeting the Date of Which Will Be Posted and Free Soft Drinks of Evoca Cola will be available for Refreshment.

Damian can be contacted on 07510 814 357

Entrepreneurial Advice Site #TeamBossyGals #TeamBossyBoys

Entrepreneurial Advice Site –

Not everyone is born an Entrepreneur, but can you become one?

With full-time employment becoming more rare and Start Up Businesses becoming more popular, now could be the time to reach out to pursuers of your new product idea or new service idea.

Things that have to be taken into account are a budget and a sales plan. Forget the business plan, they are less useful than the paper it is written on. If you watched the latest series of The Apprentice in 2014, you would have seen the business plans of the last 5 candidates literally torn apart and Mark the Australian winner was proved on a sale which you will agree with should you have watched carefully.

There needs to be a Market to your sales which is proven or disproven in the first week of trying to sell your new product idea or new service idea. Remember some new product ideas will come with a new service idea and go hand-in-hand.

To start off, take 3 hours per day on Monday to Friday in the first week to promote your new idea, make it 3 hours in the afternoon after 1pm, take the morning preparing yourself as you learn of potential customer reactions and tailor your pitch. A pitch is what you say to potential customers with any help of a sales aid which could be a leaflet or a neatly typed A4.

It may be a service idea for a current product or a reawakening of an old product in a new way. In this day and age, the Information Age, computers and mobile phones are in everyday experience by the under 50s and a lot of people over 50 too. Should you be able to write software that will be a great help but it is by no means necessary.

Your budget is any money you have to start with, try not to borrow any money to start from a bank or even friends and family, borrowed money always becomes an extra burden. Born Entrepreneurs start from scratch creating a cash-flow as the business grows. It helps to be first with your idea to get into the mind of potential customers and as you grow remember that 20% of your best customers will bring 80% of your incoming business. Always make the customer feel rewarded and happy to deal with you again.

Written by Damian Brown – Over 100 Webpage Customers Gained in 3 Months, and 44 Soft Drinks Customers Gained in 3 Weeks – Service and Product proved with no initial capital.

Should you wish to contribute to please phone 07510 814 357

Save Blackburn Library Jobs & Services

Mobile: 07510 814 357

Dear Mayor and People of Blackburn with Darwen,

I heard today that half the staff of Blackburn Library are to lose their jobs. I will not let this happen should I be able to help it in a sensible way. I have found the library staff to be of great help over the years, especially in family tree and history research.

Once the weather gets warmer I will be out and about selling and renting the 40+ domain names that I own with other media services. You need to get your priorities right. The recent ‘doing up’ of the library building has not improved the look of the library by much and whatever it cost that went into contractors’ pockets, that money could have been used on services that are appreciated by all library users.

That is all I have to say at the moment, I am sure you as the Mayor will do something to cheer the librarians with some good news about their jobs and I am sure the People of Blackburn with Darwen will use the library even more when they come to hear about the crass situation that their library is in.

Yours Sincerely,

Damian John Brown

P.S. The First Thing for Us People to Do is Set Up a Hard Copy (Paper) Petition to Save the Good Services of the Library in Blackburn with Darwen and for Independent Candidiates to Stand in the Forthcoming Local Elections in May 2015.

Former ‘Woolpack’ Dales Pub Buys ‘Bridge at Arncliffe’ Painting

On Monday 2nd February 2015 in a Car Park in Skipton, Yorkshire, a mutually satisfying Art Deal went through. The Falcon Inn, Arncliffe, Yorkshire, is regarded as the rightful place for the ‘Bridge at Arncliffe’ painted by B. Shorrock in 1990 as it may be enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike in a relevant public place.

Part Time Art Dealer Damian John Brown of Blackburn, Lancashire, was glad to get his first sale in the Art World underway with Joanne and Stephen of The Falcon Inn making the purchase at a handsome price.

The painting is already hanging in The Falcon Inn and being admired by the locals from the beautiful Village of Arncliffe, Littondale in the Yorkshire Dales. The Dales Pub is famed for its link to ‘Emmerdale’ which was named ‘Emmerdale Farm’ when The Falcon Inn featured as the original ‘Woolpack’ until 1976.

Arncliffe is recognized as an especially Beautiful Area officially and depending on which direction you arrive, you may cross over the bridge. The area also inspired ‘The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale For A Land Baby’ by Reverend Charles Kingsley.

Damian also has an old oil painting, possibly to be put to Auction, by Lilly Benson named ‘A Yorkshire Valley’ which may mean a trip to another part of beautiful Yorkshire. Damian can be reached on mobile 07510 814 357, always looking!