Which Royalty?

There is a debate going on between Landlord Steve of Barzooka on Victoria Street, Blackburn, Lancashire and Homeworking Artist DJB as to how the Coat of Arms came to be above the door of Barzooka which was previously the Royal Hotel.

Both know it was the Royal Hotel as there is a classic mosaic floor in the entrance porch of Barzooka.

Steve has come up with the theory that Queen Victoria slept at the Hotel when the Queen Victoria Statue on the Old Boulevard was erected and that is why it has a Royal Coat of Arms displayed ceremoniously above the door painted in grand colours.

Artist DJB, who has a work of art displayed in Barzooka, has done a little research by way of a book by GEO. C. MILLER entitled ‘Blackburn – The Evolution of a Cotton Town’ where it states that in 1938 HRH the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood, laid a stone in the Cathedral to commemorate the beginning of building the tower and transepts of the town’s Cathedral Church of Saint Mary the Virgin.

Perhaps this is when the Royal Coat of Arms was added should HRH Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, have stayed there.

Further research is needed and perhaps some local historian or Grandma or Grandad knows more about the Royal Hotel. (Tuesday 27/10/2015 OO:28am – Not Researched Yet Online)

Barzooka is open on Friday & Saturday evenings for you to join in the debate or inform Steve and Artist DJB with the correct facts.

Barzooka is known for its legendary cocktails, alternative music and artistic culture.

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