Environmental Armageddon

It has come to the fore within Society that there is still too much use of Fossil Fuels for Creating Energy, particularly Coal Powered Power Stations for Electricity Generation.

You can help with that by Signing Up with an Electricity Company that Generates Electricity Termed ‘Renewable’, like Solar Power or Wind Power.

The Consumer Overload of having to buy the Latest Thing is another contribution to the Detriment of Environmental Efficiency.

Why not make an Investment by searching for and asking about for Good Value Vintage & Collectable Items that add a bit of Class to Your Home, whether it be a Painting, Kitchenalia, Viny Records, Decent Clothes that will help you stand out in a Good Way or Why Not try Bartering for a Collectable Item like all Good Interior Designers do.  There are plenty of Collectables Shops both in the North of England and Throughout the Earth.

Genesis is not only a Pop Band but it is also the Name of the First Book of the Old Testament.  You don’t have to read it right now but you may have a grasp of Noah & The Ark.

Do you know that The Ark came to rest on the Mountains of Armenia, a Country you will only possibly have heard of due to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Genesis Chapter 8 Verse 4.

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