Turton Tower – Only £6 or £5 Entry – Open Wednesday to Sunday

On Sunday 13th March 2016 I Visited Turton Tower

It was only £6 for entry and it was well worth it  with lots to see in a historical and social way.  You get a Guided Tour included in the entry price with knowledge given and courteously treated.

Turton Tower is supposedly haunted but it looks a very comfortable home to have lived in down the centuries.  It had been inhabited since Medieval Times with it passing to the Orrells which lead to a feud with the previous owners lasting a few generations.

You need to visit Turton Tower to fully appreciate it and it also houses a Victorian Tearoom for Refreshments.

Turton Tower Fair is to be Held On Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May 2016 & Volunteers Are Needed – email: sandraisherwood6@gmail.com To Volunteer

More Information Can Be Found Here