In or Out of The European Union? Referendum Special

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the United Kingdom being in or out of the European Union?

The main concern of a lot of people is that the Central Power of the European Union has too much ‘overall’ control of individual member countries’ laws.

This is a very serious concern in a world that is becoming more like a ‘Global Village’.  Most of the money that the United Kingdom pays into the European Union and gets back benefits agriculture (farming).

The people of the United Kingdom, or at least the individual Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales, from early times relied on the produce of the land.  Most people were tenants of the Lord of the Manor who in turn were tenants of the King or Queen.

The tenants had strips of land to cultivate and produce enough to feed their family and if any was leftover they could take it to market.  This was after they had paid their fair share of about 10% of produce to the Tithe Barn (Tithe meaning 1/10).

10% is a fair tax for everyone whether you are on decent Benefits or you are an owner of a highly profitable business.

For example, a new Government in the United Kingdom or even a Devolved Area of say England, could decide to pay everyone a Credit of £150 per week of which you would have to pay back 10% which is £15 but you would be allowed to Work to Earn More Money either part-time or as many of the 168 hours of the week you wish as long as you pay 10% Tax on any extra Profits you make.

Say you were working part-time earning a set minimum hourly rate of £10 per hour for 10 hours per week, you would earn £100 per week and pay tax of £10 on your extra earnings.  In total you would have paid £25 tax but would have £225 for that week.

Alternatively, a businessperson working long hours could raise about £1,000 in profit per week, they would pay tax of £100 on that, so in total they would pay tax of £115 and earn £1,035 for that week.

Now, should the United Kingdom stay in the European Union, the Central Powers of the European Union may prevent a Fair Tax system like the 10% one described above from coming to fruition as we don’t know how much they will interfere with United Kingdom Law.

Locality will help in the end,  especially to the Farmers who will no longer receive so much money from the European Union but the 10% Tax will be helping them turn a Profit and Farmers are old-fashioned in the main.

Vote to Leave the European Union, I AM!