Book Review: How Do We Fix This Mess? by Robert Peston and Laurence Knight

Subtitle: The Economic Price of Having It All and the Route to Lasting Prosperity

Robert Peston introduces himself and the scope of the book in a way which neither settles financial worries or any solution for escaping Central Bankers in their dastardly secret dealing and monitoring of themselves.  Otherwise he introduces a good reason for the Citizens and Subjects of Individual Nations to metaphorically ‘shock politicians’ and tell them to stop being controlled by Central Bankers and Executives of Banks who must also be setters of Bankers’ Bonuses.

Robert also introduces his co-author Laurence Knight who is a former Investment Banker but Robert says he himself toes the line for any errors such as many typographical errors if you read the text carefully and the further error of giving insight to normal people with any ounce of intelligence to see that Banking and Financial Services ‘companies’ are taking everyone else on the planet for a ride but I have a sneaky feeling Robert intended to reveal dastardly secrets, it is just that not enough politically active people will have bought his book.  That is why I wrote this short review, so that
consumers will buy Robert’s book, not to make him richer but because the book is very informative.

After reading ‘How Do We Fix This Mess?’ you will have a clearer mind as to what the devil is going on with your money, savings and pensions.

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Money Talks but it Don’t Sing and Dance and It Don’t Walk…

England Manager Application Letter


Dear English FA,

I am applying now to be the England Manager, after England have played just one match of Euro 2016 which they agonisingly drew due to Wayne Rooney being substituted which I see as Roy Hodgson’s fault.

I applied to be Player-Manager of England when the Swedish Sven was appointed and I even visited the English FA after that when the Umbrella manager was hardly in charge.  I spoke to a youngish man with a suit on who was good enough to listen to me and he agreed with me when I told him I fear no man.  I Fear God in every which way of his 3 forms I may meet Him again.  (Read Isaiah 42 – I will put my Spirit on him…)

As I am age 48 I will settle as Manager of England and hope to recruit Rio Ferdinand, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer as Coaches in their relevant areas in time for the qualifying matches towards the World Cup in Russia 2018 but I would also like to be registered as a player just in case, to come on as a substitute.

My home postal address is below and my phone number is above so you have no excuse for not contacting me to say yes or no for an interview.

As a matter of transparency I will place this letter without my contact details on the Blog at .  I was born in Darwen, Lancashire, being a self-employed Computer Programmer by trade.

I haven’t played football for almost 9 months as I had a problem with my right knee such that I couldn’t walk down steps properly but will train at Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre in the morning where on my debut a few years ago I scored 5 goals although most recently playing I had provided mainly assists playing left-back which is my preferred playing position. An attacking midfield playing position also suits me.

Yours truly,
Damian John Brown


Addendum: Roy Hodgson did alright in the Wales Match by putting on two substitutes at half-time but in my opinion, Jamie Vardy should have been on from the start instead of Harry Kane.