Trident Must Go

Most of the Borrowed Money Used to Renew Trident will go to US (United States of America) Corporations

This Tory Government is Sucking the Lifeblood out of ordinary Working Class people

God will Judge Cameron in the same way He Judges Tony Blair

Armageddon will be Psychological & Not Sorted Out By Nuclear Weapons – Even the Prophet Isaiah Says Swords will be made into Ploughshares and Boots will be Fuel for the Fire…

I Welcome All Nuclear Supporters To Come To Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire for a Piece of MY Mind – Apocalypse Now

Ellerslie House Executive Housing Estate Plan – Danger to Nature

I noticed a Barn for Sale on Bury Fold Lane so I went for a country walk up the lane where I found the Barn was already developed so it wasn’t ideal.

I noticed how natural everything looked and when I noticed the sign on Low Hill House saying Samuel Crompton, who developed a Spinning Mule who we had learnt about at School many moons ago , had lived there until 1817, the walk felt worthwhile.

I then noticed the Ellerslie House Private sign but could see what looked like a grand home through the trees.  I then walked further up Bury Fold Lane until I came to fields and walked back waiting to research both Samuel Crompton and Ellerslie House on the Internet.

When I got back to my office I googled ‘Ellerslie House Darwen History’ and found a site that gave some of its history which made me think it should be a listed building including its woodland.

Then, surprise, surprise ‘Call Me Dave’  controlled by #Banksters, I found that there were plans to build Executive Houses within the grounds and found 5 or 6 locals who had challenged the planning permission giving valid reasons like the narrow lane would be a problem with more traffic, I’d had to stop for 2 cars, and the Danger to Nature with protected species threatened.

Please Locals of Bury Fold Lane and Ramblers and Horse Riders and Cyclists & Darreners in General who care, please petition the Planning Officer to stop the Disastrous Building and Traffic Nuisance and Destruction of Nature  going ahead.

You can email the Planning Officer at

You can contact me, Damian John Paul Brown, born Bull Hill Maternity Hospital, Darwen, 1968, on Mobile: 07424 065 372
or Tweet: @EnglandRovers

I Have Written an Automatic Propaganda Program for Twitter To Take This Nationwide if not Worldwide with currently 200 North West Placenames, 1223 UK in Total, with potential for about 25,000 UK Placenames and easy to add Country Names

Other Areas of the Countryside are being destroyed by a ruling by the Government that a certain number of houses have to be built in each Council District – Your Countryside That You Enjoy Could Be Next – We Need A General Election Now or an Autonomous North England for all of us sick of the City Slickers…

The Iraq War & Conclusions

Intelligence Services who snoop on their own Sovereign Subjects seem to have got it all wrong but they are ultimately controlled by their Government headed by the Prime Minister who at the time of the start negotiations of the Iraq Invasion by Blair’s Government including his Blair Babes, as they were so glad to be called or perhaps it was an ironic coining by a right wing or satirical newspaper or magazine, was being advised partially by proud Burnley Fan, Alastair Campbell, @CampbellClaret on twitter.

On the 7th July 2016 @CampbellClaret said on a telly interview on BBC1 in the morning that he used to ‘avoid’ a certain ‘important’ official person who wanted to talk them out of invading Iraq.

Now we people do not know how much pressure the Government was under from Central Banksters who are the puppet masters of politicians the world over, except the Iraqi Central Bank at the time was most likely state controlled.  Iceland currently has a Central Bank not controlled by Banksters so what are George W Bush & Tory Blair going to do about that if coerced by Banksters.

I’m not saying Saddam Hussain was a good man but the poor people of Iraq who were invaded and killed ferociously will get their treat on Judgement Day when they see the people responsible for cutting short their lives in a horrendous manner see those murderers cast into a pit of fire by order of God.  (I AM Roman Catholic but haven’t been to Mass for over 1.5 years)

In conclusion, when people tell you that it is Banksters who rule the world, please believe them and stop chasing money, it doesn’t make you happy and Banksters get a power buzz (Megalomania) from money.  But you also have to think who is in league with the Banksters not through fear but because they see it as an easy way out as they think they are more intelligent than us whereas I think that most people are equally intelligent but show it in different ways.  Express Yourself & Stand Up For Yourself… On Judgement Day you will be stood on your own in front of God & Christ and they will make the decision, so next time you go to the local Bank ask who actually owns it, and if they don’t know or won’t tell you then either make endeavours to find out or withdraw all your money.  If you have a mortgage with a Bank then you’ll need to Pray your heart out that you’ll find a solution before they take your house off you…

Banks do not hold enough money to pay back all their customers so the Banks will have to call in their assets which could be your house and even then they won’t have enough money…