Egalitarian Economy Small Business Guide

Do you consider yourself rich or poor?  However rich you think you are you are nowhere near as rich as the people who control the Central Banks.  That is all you need to know about money, such capitalism continued will lead to the paper that money is printed on being of more value than the cash itself.

After dropping out of college about 25 years ago I went on a Working Holiday to Israel where first of all I worked for a few days on a Moshav which is a capitalist farming system.  I was actually working in the Negev Desert where the farmer was growing flowers with the use of irrigation pipes and special chemicals that helped flowers grow in the sand.  The work included pulling apart plastic irrigation pipes in searing heat and I was glad when after a couple of days I was told by the farmer that he didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the heavier work.  Internet Consultant since 1995.

I later found out that when Moses and the Jewish People fled Egypt, they migrated across the Negev Desert.  Back to my Working Holiday, I went back to Tel Aviv and was found a Kibbutz to go on based in Galilee.

Kibbutzim are Egalitarian Communities and as Volunteers we were given different jobs each day which lasted half the day and the afternoon was mainly spent around the swimming pool.  I did jobs ranging from sticking labels on jam pots to lifeguard at the swimming pool.  I stayed on the Kibbutz for 3 months and it is still the best holiday I have experienced.

Meals are provided for work done and at the weekend we were paid 10 shekels, a shekel then being worth about 25p.  It happened to be a shekel for refreshment at the Nightclub which was based in a Bunker.  I still have a shekel coin, which could also be spent at the Hotel on the Kibbutz and other places.  I only know that a Honeymoon would better that Kibbutz Holiday.

The Kibbutzim Egalitarian system would lend itself to the fairly new English Wine Industry, there being a unique Vineyard newly created in Lancashire.                                                                               Tel: 07424 065 372

North England Town Wildlife Club


Have you seen this Peacock in Blackburn with Darwen?  This photo of a Peacock was taken in the Shear Brow area of Blackburn and has also been seen by the person who lives there a few times who thought it may have come from Corporation Park.  That is one theory but what do you think?

After buying a book a few years ago by Chris Packham, ‘Wild Side of Town – Getting to know the Wildlife in our Towns and Cities’, I was reminded to read it again by a documentary about Yellowstone Park on BBC4 and so decided to start the North England Town Wildlife Club on 3rd August 2016.

News about Wildlife, both flora and fauna, will be available with pictures and videos tweeted from the Twitter account:  @EnglandRovers

All you need to do is take pictures of Wildlife, both flora and fauna, within the Townscapes of North England Towns and Cities and tweet the images to @EnglandRovers for a ReTweet to over 5,000 followers plus the best images will be run through the program to tweet to numerous #Placenames in North England with your Twitter URL so that you may gain more followers.

Thank You for reading this short Newsletter, lookout for the next one.