Backpack – Blackburn with Darwen

Why would you like to visit Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire in the North West of England when there are so many so called beautiful cities to visit around the global village we are all virtual citizens of?

Blackburn with Darwen is there to explore and learn about life, Buskers will greet you with a tune on the penny whistle or guitar.  Every now and again there will be a violin player.  That is just a start and it will make you feel at home when you drop 50p in a hat to show your appreciation this Christmas.

Avoid the main shopping area altogether, walk round it by all means and do a bit of window shopping but your budget won’t stretch to line the coffers of logo familiar companies.  Ask an Asian where Whalley Range Bazaar is and on your way there you will come across Lancashire Trimmings where you can get advice on what material you could buy at the many material supply shops at the Bazaar.

On the corner from Lancashire Trimmings towards the Bazaar is Meena Bakery where you have such a big range of baked on the premises food to choose from you’ll hardly believe your eyes.  Whether you need a Birthday Cake or a snack to keep you going make sure you try the Cashew & Almond Treat.  Did you know that Cashew Nuts are high in Zinc which is good for growth and has many advantages?

Take your time in the many Material Shops spaced around the teardrop shaped Bazaar and choose wisely.  When you are ready for something more to eat you can’t beat the 7” Seafood with Mushroom Pizza with Garlic Sauce from Pizza Island not to mention the friendly service when you mention this Blog.  Ask for Mohamed Ali Alwan & ask him about Garlic Sauce Bottle Sizes.  If you can’t get to Blackburn, Lancashire by Christmas Eve ring 07890566647 to order your Sauces in time.

Stamp on Envelope Collector

Should you be on Twitter and understand how the ‘#’ Hashtag works you will see that on Sunday 20th November 2016 the Hashtag #StampOnEnvelope was used for the first time by @EnglandRovers which is myself – Damian John Brown – Son of John Leo (note the last ‘a’ in Damian, not an ‘e’ Damien)

The first #StampOnEnvelope in the Collection is this one from 1991 22p:


Do You Like It?  There is an intriguing Story Behind it, also known as Provenance, and you can see that it is unique!

I have decided to Collect & Deal in Stamps on Envelopes (Don’t Forget the #StampOnEnvelope Hashtag, I want to see more) and will pay for any Stamp on Envelope that is appealing to the Collection and the Market which is already established.  This will be good for you this coming Christmas as many Christmas Cards are sent with Stamps on and a little extra towards your Christmas Budget will be helpful.

The ‘Stamp On Envelope Collector’ Newsletter will be distributed Monthly and Free for the First Year.  Enjoy & Collect – Don’t Forget #StampOnEnvelope

Don’t Throw Your Stamp on Envelope away – Give Us a Call Today!

Call or Text: 07424 065 372 Today! or Tweet: @EnglandRovers Today!

People of Orgreave – Living in a Vacuum

People of Orgreave

Living in a Vacuum – 6/11/2016

The Establishment, i.e. the Central Banks & Mass Media and certain individuals, are the ones who control the Puppet Politicians who are basically told to pit the poor against the poor also known as divide and rule.  They also try to make good working people ‘feel’ that they are middle class no matter how stressful life can get at times.  See Trump v Clinton USA 2016

I read or heard somewhere that the Primeminister of the 80s said that her greatest achievement was the Primeminister starting late 90s.  I’m not sure if someone was just taking the mickey or she really said and believed it but he visited my old Secondary School and when I made a visit after that there was a framed photo of him hung up in the reception area and as I talked to an ex-teacher who had taught us RE & History I pointed to the picture and said, “He’s had his evil mind in here.”  This was before the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan that many innocent people are still suffering over.

I live in Blackburn, Lancashire but attended Huddersfield Polytechnic and one Saturday I went as a neutral from Huddersfield to watch Sheffield Wednesday play Manchester United at Hillsborough and what stands out, as I can’t remember the score, is the crush going on in the away end until a gate was opened into another pen for the Man U fans to escape like ‘sheep’.

I thought of writing to the Directors of Sheffield Wednesday but felt they wouldn’t take any notice of a student.  This was before the Hillsborough Disaster and when that latest inquiry started I regretted not taking action at the time in the late 80s.  Hashtags >>> #OrgreaveJustice #BankstersOut

I watch the BBC News channel sometimes and tonight saw a lady from Orgreave explaining the current situation there so I decided to visit the place where the Establishment types mentioned above dare not tread.

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