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The Social Media Gain

Twitter is not just for communicating online to people you already know but is there to help you to get to know more people who could turn into valued customers.  Being based in East Lancashire in a close knit community does not limit you to sales within that community.  In that same community I have reached customers from Yorkshire, London and another place in the South.

The customers aren’t rushing to my door because shoppers don’t do that any more.  Through Twitter I have sold books, some piece of tech from the 1980s and an Eiffel Tower.  I don’t claim to have travelled to Paris but it was a keyring and for repeat custom I have a model Eiffel Tower in stock.  These sales were not done using an online auction site and only the piece of tech 1980s was done through PayPal which was easier than sending cash through the post or setting up a bank transfer.

I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I have bought more online on an auction site than I have sold over Twitter but back in 1995 I was selling prints of famous footballers from a website and receiving £1 coins attached to a piece of  card from places as far away as Malaysia.

2017 will be a year of many surprises and on Twitter you get to know about things from around the Nation or Globe in a matter of minutes after they have become newsworthy when they Trend on Twitter.

You may be thinking of starting a small business and wondering what to sell online.  It needs to be easy to package and not weigh too much to keep postage costs low.  You probably know people on Twitter who would trust you to provide them with a product or service.  You can start off locally and then progress further afield with hardly moving out of your home.

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Bank Hall – Bretherton, Lancashire – Friends of Bank Hall

I Have Not Yet Visited Bank Hall In Bretherton, Lancashire so I Have No Photos As Yet But I Will Supply Wikipedia Links In This Article

Bank Hall is being Restored as it is partly derelict but you can join the ‘Friends of Bank Hall’ for a nominal Fee of £5 per year to Help to Save Our Heritage.  More Information is available at their website.

Bank Hall also has a Wikipedia Page at /wiki/Bank_Hall

Bank Hall has Extensive Gardens with Rare Trees & Flowers.  There’s a Yew Tree that is believed to be the Oldest Yew Tree in Lancashire. During February, which is soon, Snowdrop Sundays Occur when there is a Beautiful Floor of Snowdrop Flowers To Admire which attracts 1,000s of Visitors.  The Bank Hall Facebook Page gives more Information about Snowdrop Sundays.  bankhall

More Is Described of the 18 Acres Site where the Garden is situated at its own special Wikipedia page  /wiki/Bank_Hall_Gardens

Once I Visit Bank Hall I Will Provide More Information and List Bus Routes & Cycling & Walking Directions.  Save Our Heritage…