Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

On Monday 13th February 2017 during #BlackburnHour on Twitter I found out that @BIBAs2017 had blocked me as the previous week I had tweeted them to ask if they had an award for Software.  They replied that they didn’t but pointed me towards their website to see if there were any other relevant categories.  My full name is Damian John Paul Brown – @EnglandRovers

I went to their website and found myself looking at the sponsors of the awards.  By the way, BIBAs stands for the ‘Be Inspired Business Awards’ and is run by the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and they claim on their website, the BIBAs is the ‘only one they all want to win’.  Forget Olympic Medals & FA Cup Medals and the like!  Soz if that spoils your Marketing Hype!  I Cottoned On To What The Tories Were Doing When They Added A Tree To Their Party Political Logo!

As soon as I saw the Headline Sponsor was Cuadrilla, the fracking company, I tweeted the @BIBAs2017 people back with something like ‘Sorry @BIBAs2017 I can’t take part in an award ceremony when the main sponsor is a company that rips up the countryside’ and left it at that.

After #BlackburnHour had finished I decided to do some research on the BIBAs and Cuadrilla but there are other sponsors of the BIBAs that you may like to do some research into yourself.  They are quite clearly listed on but for ethical sake and to be fair to Cuadrilla I will list them here.  Abbey Telecom, Aston Services Group, BAE Systems, Commercial Kitchen Service Ltd, Community Foundation, Department for International Trade, Intersys, Investec, Lancashire Post, Mad Florists, Moore & Smalley, obas, Preston’s College, RTR Digital Agency, Grandma Singleton’s, Slater Gordon, Smooth Radio, TNP, UCLAN.

The Chairman of Cuadrilla Resources is Baron Browne of Madingley who was Chief Executive of the energy company BP between 1995 and 2007 where it says on Wikipedia that during his tenure in 2005 BP’s Texas City Plant had a fatal explosion which killed 15 people and injured more than 170 others.

The controversies of Fracking at

You Can See The BIBAs Website at & Make Your Own Decisions About Their Sponsors But I’ll Try My Best Both To Highlight Unethical Business Goings On In Lancashire Including Drug Dealing Both On The Street & By Pharmaceutical Companies and Banish Such Practice From Lancashire & Drive Them Down South To Somewhere Like The City of London Where They Belong Among All The Other Sad Plebs – Are You A Sad Pleb?  If So Go To The City of London & See If Anyone Speaks To You!

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