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At Dambro Sport we take all sports seriously but also believe there should be a bit of fun in general exercise for the good of the health of the UK.

We have decided to launch our website service in preparation for opening a shop in Blackburn, Lancashire so that we can get the message across that we, as fans, are not happy with the current situation with our local football club languishing near the bottom of the Championship, the old 2nd Division.

Our first item of Unisex Leisure Clothing to be offered online is a Blue Sweatshirt with a slogan in White emblazoned across the chest, loud and clear, the popular Twitter Hashtag (#) #VenkysOut so that as you walk round this great town of ours in silent protest against the current owners who are understandably out of their depth, it may wake a few people up to the best thing that makes this town great, remembering 1995 and 3 FA Cup Wins in a Row over 100 years ago,  that something serious needs to be done to once again gain control of the destiny of the team we love and support by fans who don’t want to see us relegated at the end of the season.

As one we can turn it all around and see a better team performance and club reorientation by Christmas & the New Year.


Tweet: @EnglandRovers

Uncle Jack (R.I.P.) was born on Randal Street which is now part of Whalley Range Bazaar, there is a Plaque a few doors away from Royal Fashion before you reach the Pharmacist which is on the corner, it would be a good thing for fans to pay their respects at the Plaque a couple of hours before each home match and then seek refreshment at Pizza Island before walking peacefully to Ewood Park on matchdays to support our great blue & white team and improving football club.

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