Stamp on Envelope Collector

Should you be on Twitter and understand how the ‘#’ Hashtag works you will see that on Sunday 20th November 2016 the Hashtag #StampOnEnvelope was used for the first time by @EnglandRovers which is myself – Damian John Brown – Son of John Leo (note the last ‘a’ in Damian, not an ‘e’ Damien)

The first #StampOnEnvelope in the Collection is this one from 1991 22p:


Do You Like It?  There is an intriguing Story Behind it, also known as Provenance, and you can see that it is unique!

I have decided to Collect & Deal in Stamps on Envelopes (Don’t Forget the #StampOnEnvelope Hashtag, I want to see more) and will pay for any Stamp on Envelope that is appealing to the Collection and the Market which is already established.  This will be good for you this coming Christmas as many Christmas Cards are sent with Stamps on and a little extra towards your Christmas Budget will be helpful.

The ‘Stamp On Envelope Collector’ Newsletter will be distributed Monthly and Free for the First Year.  Enjoy & Collect – Don’t Forget #StampOnEnvelope

Don’t Throw Your Stamp on Envelope away – Give Us a Call Today!

Call or Text: 07424 065 372 Today! or Tweet: @EnglandRovers Today!

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