Travel Bug News – Spring 2017

My last holiday abroad was a working holiday in Galilee, Israel on a Kibbutz which is an egalitarian community.  Work was for about 4 hours per day in the morning and the afternoon was mainly spent relaxing round the pool.

Meals were provided with free board also in the volunteer house with new friends made from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Russia and even as far away as Australia.  The Plane there and back was on an open ticket of 6 months and I stayed for 3 months.  The jobs were varied but hardly strenuous and weekend evenings were spent at the Bunker, a makeshift nightclub on site.  The Kibbutz I was on also had a Hotel on it with paying guests.

A few years ago I bought a book in a Charity Shop entitled ‘Africa on a Shoestring’ and the travel bug is biting to visit at least one of the 60+ Countries in that great Continent with Tanzania and the Serengeti National Park seeming the favourite.  It would have to be a good experience to beat a Kibbutz working holiday.

You can find travel magazines that highlight places of interest and adventure as an alternative to the typical beach holiday or expensive manmade resort.

I have a book entitled ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ which you can see at Qureshi Travel at 140a, Blackburn Road, Accrington in Lancashire.  The nearest place featured to Accrington is the Lake District which is in Lancashire & Cumbria.  As far away as India the first mentioned Place is the Palace on Wheels.  The Travel Shop has recently signed up to Twitter with the username of @QureshiTravel and they do Holiday Packages for when you are ready for planning a deserved break.  Tel: 0778 4173 137 or Click Here

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