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Apparently there is a boycotting protest going on, or something like that according to tweets on twitter.

Now back in the 1970s  when I was a young lad and one of my plastic footballs went egg-shaped because I left it too close to the fire overnight, I knew to throw it away as I had another exactly the same but it was spherical.

Unfortunately you can’t just throw a football club away because it has gone a bit pear-shaped and have an alternative team to feel bitter about and bicker about.

It was just a short time after I threw the egg-shaped football away that Dad started taking me to night games at Ewood Park which was about 100 yards away.  At one time a friend’s Mum took us to see the changing rooms and other parts of the ground and it was free.

Nowadays you can pay for a tour of Ewood Park just like all other things the middle class decide they can afford to pay for and so push their noses up at the working class who have possibly been in a factory all week working hard.  Sorry if that seems a little patronising but you will go and vote tory.

I haven’t been to Ewood Park to watch the Rovers since I got a couple of free tickets and someone named Jordan Rhodes scored, it was against Millwall when they got relegated.

What I am trying to tell you is that the Walkers sold the Venkys Blackburn Rovers via the bankers N.M. Rothschild.  Now if you search #Rothschild or #Rothschilds on twitter you will get a good idea what they are like if you don’t already know.  London Mayor tory candidate Zac Goldsmith married a Rothschild.

There are worse things in life than the Venkys!

Environmental Mandate

Between 2020 and 2025 the presiding Government of the United Kingdom, if still United or maybe City like controlled by the Banksters (oops Banksters do control the world but leave them to the Devil) the only choice for Transport will be Electric Bus or Train for the Public and Electric Car or Electric Bike for Individuals or Families.

That’s Rapport! Don’t Clap & Cheer Too Loud :-)

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‘2p to get me a mars bar’

From being a kid about age 8 I used to earn 2p every time I went to Tom’s shop for a mars bar for one of my sisters.  I usually bought a penny toffee and a couple of white chocolate mice which were a halfpenny each.  This was back in the 1970s when mars bars themselves were only 10p each.

I have just re-read the ‘Rich List 2016’ which lists the top 1000 richest with a link to the UK.  To be on the list you need to be valued at £103 million or more and the first on the list is valued at £13.1 billion.

The 2p for a mars bar gave a 20% margin and the rate for going to get a mars bar at the same rate of 20% today would be about 10p.  The reason I started writing this was because it mentioned on a couple of billionaires’ bios how they earned money under the age of 10.

One thing I noticed when reading the list of billionaires was that most of them were aged over 50 and a lot of them were in their 60s and 70s, the oldest being 96. Chocolate Lovers please follow & tweet @EnglandRovers

I am now 48, half the age of the oldest person on the top 1000 rich list who is worth £1.05 billion including his family.  I have been self-employed since age 23 and my biggest earning day was when I caught the overnight train to Glasgow when I was 26 and collected a cheque from a registration plate sales company as they had sold A1 RFC on my behalf which I presumed was for a Rangers fan.  It is probably worth about £20,000 or more today, over 10 times more than it was sold for back in 1994.

Now I have a stock of internet domain names, the host domain being and there are approaching 10,000 visits per month to that and over 100 other domains.  One of the domain names is highlighted below which is merely a coincidence with my ‘child labour’.


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Have You Ever Hacked Into A Computer? Hacker Rehab

Have you ever hacked into a computer?

Have you ever written a computer virus?

Have you ever thought of hacking a computer or writing a virus?

Have you ever wondered how to hack a computer or write a computer virus?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above four questions then you need

Hacker Rehab

I have been programming computers for more years than I care to think about computing and I have never hacked a computer or written a computer virus but I do know how to write a TSR (Terminate & Stay Resident) Program in Assembly Language on a PC.  (Just Mnemonics & Stuff…)

Also, when younger I used to like emailing friends and workmates on a low-level network saying ‘Disk Error: All Your Data on C: Has Been Erased’ when they were in the middle of a program so that when they exited the program the email showed straight after and gave them a shock!

I got the idea for ‘Hacker Rehab’ after watching a BBC4 Documentary about Conceptual Art presented by Dr James Fox.  I have always wondered why certain programmers write computer viruses and thought that hackers and virus writers would be better employed doing ‘Prog Art’ but keeping it on their own machines or at least guaranteeing that it is safe should they choose to share it with others.

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Book Review – 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism

I was up to the top of page 33 reading ’23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’ by Ha-Joon Chang when I thought to write this short blog.

Cut Out the Middle Man and cycle or walk to the nearest Dairy Farm to where you live and buy enough milk for a day or two.  You may even get some butter and eggs too if you are lucky.  Not all Dairy Farms will sell to you as they may be contracted to a Supermarket and banned through that contract in dealing direct to the Public.

I will try and find a Dairy Farm or Dairy Farms in Lancashire, England that are prepared to sell to the Public and list them in this Blog article.  By doing this you will not only get fresher food but you will keep fit by exercising should you cycle or walk to your nearest Dairy Farm that sells to the Public.

That is a start, we aim to Change the World in small steps… over a Decade…

Enquiries: Tweet @EnglandRovers – Phone 07424 065 372

I have just got to page 66 of the above titled book, another 33 pages, and as the UK Voters have already had a referendum result to Leave the European Union which I wrote a Blog article about suggesting you Vote Leave, I now reckon we should push Parliament and the Members of Parliament to have a Referendum to leave the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Systems – Let The Banksters Squirm – Power to the Proletariat!

Do you even know what is really going on locally apart from the gossip adjunct with Chinese whispers – Search on Twitter #’Placename’ where you live be it a hamlet, village, town or city – Remember #’Placename’ such as #Darwen

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Paralympics Opening Ceremony – Channel 4

Are the commentators on Channel 4 who have commented on the Paralympics Opening Ceremony genuine or are they being patronising?

That is one question you will ask yourself while watching the Paralympics on Channel 4 over the next few weeks.  The Rio crowd welcomingly booed people of the Government especially the new president of Brazil who ‘smartly’ kept his ‘opening’ brief.

You see, most heads of government have been especially chosen for the job by Central Bankers who try to run the world but have ended up ruining the world.  Notice world, Earth not typed, as On Earth as it is in Heaven is part of the Our Father that Jesus (pbuh) taught us.

I didn’t notice if North Korea had brought a sporting team to the all inclusive Paralympics as I was designing a leaflet, inspired by the Paralympics Opening Ceremony and genuine commentators, a leaflet that might have driven you to this Blog or it might have driven you mad.  Chill.

You see in my hometown they have built a Hotel and Office Block across from the Train Station on the ground where I remember the Bus Boulevard used to be.  There is now a new Bus Station too in a more strategic place near the Market and Shopping Centre.

The Office Block was reported in the local newspaper to have been sold to an insurance company for £8.1 Million.  It looks like so far there is only one half or quarter of a floor or so rented out to a company that had a bit of help from an insincere warmonger regretting Iraqi War’s government which I actually voted for in 1997 and cheered each seat won in the early hours of the morning as I can’t stand Tories no matter how true blue you may be.

Thank goodness that left leaning Political Party has a leader now who has better morals than to be a warmonger or cause people to die due to benefit cuts.  That new leader has recently won an election to be leader of his Political Party but his Parliamentary Companions have just challenged his leadership which they are welcome to do in a democracy but the bloke running against him in this new leadership election is relatively unknown and has obviously not listened to public opinion.  Power to the Proletariat!

Anyway, back to the Hotel & the Office Block in my hometown.  I was on a bus one time going past them and a lady on the bus said something like, “Look at that white elephant!” and seeing as there is no Zoo that holds elephants yet in my hometown I presumed the lady meant the Office Block as it was in full sight at the time.  Now I like the aesthetics of the Office Block and should I make the money I’d offer the insurance company who bought it and probably still own it, £10 Million for it.

The Hotel matches the Office Block and I don’t know if it is busy or not but I have hardly ever seen people going in or out.  When it was being built someone addressed me while I was daydreaming and said, “People don’t come to Blackburn for a holiday, do they?” which I didn’t answer as I was in a daydream in the back of his car going to play badminton, I wasn’t being ignorant!

But, since that question and the Hotel being built I have always thought how Blackburn could attract more Tourists for the new Hotel.  Now Blackburn is a Borough with Darwen where I was born so it is known as Blackburn with Darwen which I like, the marrying of two former great Industrial Towns.

Should you take pleasure in reading Scripture it mentions somewhere ‘their lands will be married’.  I can’t remember its context or where exactly it is in the Holy Bible but it is possibly in the Book of Isaiah or at least the Old Testament.

Anyway, getting back to the point, as I was watching the Paralympics Opening Ceremony on Channel 4 and the teams were parading round the stadium I thought, ‘Attract Paralympians to Blackburn and the new Hotel as a Holiday Hotspot’.  Eureka!

So I designed the simple black and white leaflet which you may or may not have already seen.  It is a PowerPoint File – You can download it at

Now, first of all, I need to visit all businesses in Blackburn with Darwen and educate them to be more acceptable of so called ‘disabled’ persons.  While the Paralympics is on it will be easier, I’ll just suggest they watch Channel 4 and use #C4Paralympics on Twitter which I consider to be the best Social Media Service.

Once you have downloaded the leaflet and understood it you can even print and distribute it.  You can join in the debate on Twitter with @EnglandRovers

Thank You for reading this and remember the next time you think someone is ‘disabled’ you may find out that they have a special talent that not enough people appreciate.

Egalitarian Economy Small Business Guide

Do you consider yourself rich or poor?  However rich you think you are you are nowhere near as rich as the people who control the Central Banks.  That is all you need to know about money, such capitalism continued will lead to the paper that money is printed on being of more value than the cash itself.

After dropping out of college about 25 years ago I went on a Working Holiday to Israel where first of all I worked for a few days on a Moshav which is a capitalist farming system.  I was actually working in the Negev Desert where the farmer was growing flowers with the use of irrigation pipes and special chemicals that helped flowers grow in the sand.  The work included pulling apart plastic irrigation pipes in searing heat and I was glad when after a couple of days I was told by the farmer that he didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the heavier work.  Internet Consultant since 1995.

I later found out that when Moses and the Jewish People fled Egypt, they migrated across the Negev Desert.  Back to my Working Holiday, I went back to Tel Aviv and was found a Kibbutz to go on based in Galilee.

Kibbutzim are Egalitarian Communities and as Volunteers we were given different jobs each day which lasted half the day and the afternoon was mainly spent around the swimming pool.  I did jobs ranging from sticking labels on jam pots to lifeguard at the swimming pool.  I stayed on the Kibbutz for 3 months and it is still the best holiday I have experienced.

Meals are provided for work done and at the weekend we were paid 10 shekels, a shekel then being worth about 25p.  It happened to be a shekel for refreshment at the Nightclub which was based in a Bunker.  I still have a shekel coin, which could also be spent at the Hotel on the Kibbutz and other places.  I only know that a Honeymoon would better that Kibbutz Holiday.

The Kibbutzim Egalitarian system would lend itself to the fairly new English Wine Industry, there being a unique Vineyard newly created in Lancashire.                                                                               Tel: 07424 065 372

North England Town Wildlife Club


Have you seen this Peacock in Blackburn with Darwen?  This photo of a Peacock was taken in the Shear Brow area of Blackburn and has also been seen by the person who lives there a few times who thought it may have come from Corporation Park.  That is one theory but what do you think?

After buying a book a few years ago by Chris Packham, ‘Wild Side of Town – Getting to know the Wildlife in our Towns and Cities’, I was reminded to read it again by a documentary about Yellowstone Park on BBC4 and so decided to start the North England Town Wildlife Club on 3rd August 2016.

News about Wildlife, both flora and fauna, will be available with pictures and videos tweeted from the Twitter account:  @EnglandRovers

All you need to do is take pictures of Wildlife, both flora and fauna, within the Townscapes of North England Towns and Cities and tweet the images to @EnglandRovers for a ReTweet to over 5,000 followers plus the best images will be run through the program to tweet to numerous #Placenames in North England with your Twitter URL so that you may gain more followers.

Thank You for reading this short Newsletter, lookout for the next one.

Trident Must Go

Most of the Borrowed Money Used to Renew Trident will go to US (United States of America) Corporations

This Tory Government is Sucking the Lifeblood out of ordinary Working Class people

God will Judge Cameron in the same way He Judges Tony Blair

Armageddon will be Psychological & Not Sorted Out By Nuclear Weapons – Even the Prophet Isaiah Says Swords will be made into Ploughshares and Boots will be Fuel for the Fire…

I Welcome All Nuclear Supporters To Come To Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire for a Piece of MY Mind – Apocalypse Now

Ellerslie House Executive Housing Estate Plan – Danger to Nature

I noticed a Barn for Sale on Bury Fold Lane so I went for a country walk up the lane where I found the Barn was already developed so it wasn’t ideal.

I noticed how natural everything looked and when I noticed the sign on Low Hill House saying Samuel Crompton, who developed a Spinning Mule who we had learnt about at School many moons ago , had lived there until 1817, the walk felt worthwhile.

I then noticed the Ellerslie House Private sign but could see what looked like a grand home through the trees.  I then walked further up Bury Fold Lane until I came to fields and walked back waiting to research both Samuel Crompton and Ellerslie House on the Internet.

When I got back to my office I googled ‘Ellerslie House Darwen History’ and found a site that gave some of its history which made me think it should be a listed building including its woodland.

Then, surprise, surprise ‘Call Me Dave’  controlled by #Banksters, I found that there were plans to build Executive Houses within the grounds and found 5 or 6 locals who had challenged the planning permission giving valid reasons like the narrow lane would be a problem with more traffic, I’d had to stop for 2 cars, and the Danger to Nature with protected species threatened.

Please Locals of Bury Fold Lane and Ramblers and Horse Riders and Cyclists & Darreners in General who care, please petition the Planning Officer to stop the Disastrous Building and Traffic Nuisance and Destruction of Nature  going ahead.

You can email the Planning Officer at

You can contact me, Damian John Paul Brown, born Bull Hill Maternity Hospital, Darwen, 1968, on Mobile: 07424 065 372
or Tweet: @EnglandRovers

I Have Written an Automatic Propaganda Program for Twitter To Take This Nationwide if not Worldwide with currently 200 North West Placenames, 1223 UK in Total, with potential for about 25,000 UK Placenames and easy to add Country Names

Other Areas of the Countryside are being destroyed by a ruling by the Government that a certain number of houses have to be built in each Council District – Your Countryside That You Enjoy Could Be Next – We Need A General Election Now or an Autonomous North England for all of us sick of the City Slickers…