The Iraq War & Conclusions

Intelligence Services who snoop on their own Sovereign Subjects seem to have got it all wrong but they are ultimately controlled by their Government headed by the Prime Minister who at the time of the start negotiations of the Iraq Invasion by Blair’s Government including his Blair Babes, as they were so glad to be called or perhaps it was an ironic coining by a right wing or satirical newspaper or magazine, was being advised partially by proud Burnley Fan, Alastair Campbell, @CampbellClaret on twitter.

On the 7th July 2016 @CampbellClaret said on a telly interview on BBC1 in the morning that he used to ‘avoid’ a certain ‘important’ official person who wanted to talk them out of invading Iraq.

Now we people do not know how much pressure the Government was under from Central Banksters who are the puppet masters of politicians the world over, except the Iraqi Central Bank at the time was most likely state controlled.  Iceland currently has a Central Bank not controlled by Banksters so what are George W Bush & Tory Blair going to do about that if coerced by Banksters.

I’m not saying Saddam Hussain was a good man but the poor people of Iraq who were invaded and killed ferociously will get their treat on Judgement Day when they see the people responsible for cutting short their lives in a horrendous manner see those murderers cast into a pit of fire by order of God.  (I AM Roman Catholic but haven’t been to Mass for over 1.5 years)

In conclusion, when people tell you that it is Banksters who rule the world, please believe them and stop chasing money, it doesn’t make you happy and Banksters get a power buzz (Megalomania) from money.  But you also have to think who is in league with the Banksters not through fear but because they see it as an easy way out as they think they are more intelligent than us whereas I think that most people are equally intelligent but show it in different ways.  Express Yourself & Stand Up For Yourself… On Judgement Day you will be stood on your own in front of God & Christ and they will make the decision, so next time you go to the local Bank ask who actually owns it, and if they don’t know or won’t tell you then either make endeavours to find out or withdraw all your money.  If you have a mortgage with a Bank then you’ll need to Pray your heart out that you’ll find a solution before they take your house off you…

Banks do not hold enough money to pay back all their customers so the Banks will have to call in their assets which could be your house and even then they won’t have enough money…

Book Review: How Do We Fix This Mess? by Robert Peston and Laurence Knight

Subtitle: The Economic Price of Having It All and the Route to Lasting Prosperity

Robert Peston introduces himself and the scope of the book in a way which neither settles financial worries or any solution for escaping Central Bankers in their dastardly secret dealing and monitoring of themselves.  Otherwise he introduces a good reason for the Citizens and Subjects of Individual Nations to metaphorically ‘shock politicians’ and tell them to stop being controlled by Central Bankers and Executives of Banks who must also be setters of Bankers’ Bonuses.

Robert also introduces his co-author Laurence Knight who is a former Investment Banker but Robert says he himself toes the line for any errors such as many typographical errors if you read the text carefully and the further error of giving insight to normal people with any ounce of intelligence to see that Banking and Financial Services ‘companies’ are taking everyone else on the planet for a ride but I have a sneaky feeling Robert intended to reveal dastardly secrets, it is just that not enough politically active people will have bought his book.  That is why I wrote this short review, so that
consumers will buy Robert’s book, not to make him richer but because the book is very informative.

After reading ‘How Do We Fix This Mess?’ you will have a clearer mind as to what the devil is going on with your money, savings and pensions.

I have been investing in Domain Names for a few years now with over 100 of them and recently moved into a small office, costing £40 per week including wi-fi, gas and electricity, in Darwen, Lancashire, the town where I was born.  I have written an auto-tweeter program as I am a self-employed Computer Programmer by trade.  The auto-tweeter is in beta testing at the moment but if you know any company or individual who would be interested in buying this wonderful marketing tool please don’t hesitate to let me know by tweeting @EnglandRovers on Twitter.
Last time I checked I was about £9,000 in debt although I am not being hassled for it as I have had help from a Charity in Accrington, Lancashire.

Money Talks but it Don’t Sing and Dance and It Don’t Walk…

England Manager Application Letter


Dear English FA,

I am applying now to be the England Manager, after England have played just one match of Euro 2016 which they agonisingly drew due to Wayne Rooney being substituted which I see as Roy Hodgson’s fault.

I applied to be Player-Manager of England when the Swedish Sven was appointed and I even visited the English FA after that when the Umbrella manager was hardly in charge.  I spoke to a youngish man with a suit on who was good enough to listen to me and he agreed with me when I told him I fear no man.  I Fear God in every which way of his 3 forms I may meet Him again.  (Read Isaiah 42 – I will put my Spirit on him…)

As I am age 48 I will settle as Manager of England and hope to recruit Rio Ferdinand, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer as Coaches in their relevant areas in time for the qualifying matches towards the World Cup in Russia 2018 but I would also like to be registered as a player just in case, to come on as a substitute.

My home postal address is below and my phone number is above so you have no excuse for not contacting me to say yes or no for an interview.

As a matter of transparency I will place this letter without my contact details on the Blog at .  I was born in Darwen, Lancashire, being a self-employed Computer Programmer by trade.

I haven’t played football for almost 9 months as I had a problem with my right knee such that I couldn’t walk down steps properly but will train at Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre in the morning where on my debut a few years ago I scored 5 goals although most recently playing I had provided mainly assists playing left-back which is my preferred playing position. An attacking midfield playing position also suits me.

Yours truly,
Damian John Brown


Addendum: Roy Hodgson did alright in the Wales Match by putting on two substitutes at half-time but in my opinion, Jamie Vardy should have been on from the start instead of Harry Kane.

In or Out of The European Union? Referendum Special

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the United Kingdom being in or out of the European Union?

The main concern of a lot of people is that the Central Power of the European Union has too much ‘overall’ control of individual member countries’ laws.

This is a very serious concern in a world that is becoming more like a ‘Global Village’.  Most of the money that the United Kingdom pays into the European Union and gets back benefits agriculture (farming).

The people of the United Kingdom, or at least the individual Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales, from early times relied on the produce of the land.  Most people were tenants of the Lord of the Manor who in turn were tenants of the King or Queen.

The tenants had strips of land to cultivate and produce enough to feed their family and if any was leftover they could take it to market.  This was after they had paid their fair share of about 10% of produce to the Tithe Barn (Tithe meaning 1/10).

10% is a fair tax for everyone whether you are on decent Benefits or you are an owner of a highly profitable business.

For example, a new Government in the United Kingdom or even a Devolved Area of say England, could decide to pay everyone a Credit of £150 per week of which you would have to pay back 10% which is £15 but you would be allowed to Work to Earn More Money either part-time or as many of the 168 hours of the week you wish as long as you pay 10% Tax on any extra Profits you make.

Say you were working part-time earning a set minimum hourly rate of £10 per hour for 10 hours per week, you would earn £100 per week and pay tax of £10 on your extra earnings.  In total you would have paid £25 tax but would have £225 for that week.

Alternatively, a businessperson working long hours could raise about £1,000 in profit per week, they would pay tax of £100 on that, so in total they would pay tax of £115 and earn £1,035 for that week.

Now, should the United Kingdom stay in the European Union, the Central Powers of the European Union may prevent a Fair Tax system like the 10% one described above from coming to fruition as we don’t know how much they will interfere with United Kingdom Law.

Locality will help in the end,  especially to the Farmers who will no longer receive so much money from the European Union but the 10% Tax will be helping them turn a Profit and Farmers are old-fashioned in the main.

Vote to Leave the European Union, I AM!

A Poetic Guide To Bowland

Get on the bus
Much less fuss
OK with electric bike
Forest of Bowland’s Beauty
Nightly gaze at stars
Dark Sky Discovery Sites
Fun camaraderie bites
More to see
Than meets the eye

During the day’s wildlife
Take your ‘banocs’
Deal with farmers
Take the knocks
Meet a Lord
Cross a ford
Cruise by the rivers
Hearts to quivers
Set Aflutter

Church Fidelity Marriage
Wedding Supper barn
Honeymoon horse & carriage
Haven or Heaven
Bowland Hunts Eros’ Arrows
Spot Owl & House Sparrows
Children up to scratch
Respect Family Tree
Journey feeling free

3/4/2016 – DJB
Poetic Guides to Places in Lancashire

Turton Tower – Only £6 or £5 Entry – Open Wednesday to Sunday

On Sunday 13th March 2016 I Visited Turton Tower

It was only £6 for entry and it was well worth it  with lots to see in a historical and social way.  You get a Guided Tour included in the entry price with knowledge given and courteously treated.

Turton Tower is supposedly haunted but it looks a very comfortable home to have lived in down the centuries.  It had been inhabited since Medieval Times with it passing to the Orrells which lead to a feud with the previous owners lasting a few generations.

You need to visit Turton Tower to fully appreciate it and it also houses a Victorian Tearoom for Refreshments.

Turton Tower Fair is to be Held On Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May 2016 & Volunteers Are Needed – email: To Volunteer

More Information Can Be Found Here



Environmental Armageddon

It has come to the fore within Society that there is still too much use of Fossil Fuels for Creating Energy, particularly Coal Powered Power Stations for Electricity Generation.

You can help with that by Signing Up with an Electricity Company that Generates Electricity Termed ‘Renewable’, like Solar Power or Wind Power.

The Consumer Overload of having to buy the Latest Thing is another contribution to the Detriment of Environmental Efficiency.

Why not make an Investment by searching for and asking about for Good Value Vintage & Collectable Items that add a bit of Class to Your Home, whether it be a Painting, Kitchenalia, Viny Records, Decent Clothes that will help you stand out in a Good Way or Why Not try Bartering for a Collectable Item like all Good Interior Designers do.  There are plenty of Collectables Shops both in the North of England and Throughout the Earth.

Genesis is not only a Pop Band but it is also the Name of the First Book of the Old Testament.  You don’t have to read it right now but you may have a grasp of Noah & The Ark.

Do you know that The Ark came to rest on the Mountains of Armenia, a Country you will only possibly have heard of due to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Genesis Chapter 8 Verse 4.

This Link Highlights A Collectables Shop In Darwen, Lancashire

Letter To Leeds United Fans #LUFC #MOT

Tweet: @EnglandRovers

Dear Leeds United Fans,

Football is a funny old game. God has given me the talent to put the Fear of God into people. This will be especially so with your current squad of Leeds United players. No Leeds United manager so far this season has done anything to satisfy the great hunger of those loyal fans who are marching on together.

From twitter I know two Leeds United fans, Mark and Richard, who will give me references by the end of this season to become the Leeds United manager. I know another Leeds United fan who thinks he has scored a better goal than me. The ball was coming to him in the air while he was on the edge of the area so he chested it down and volleyed it into the net whereas my best goal was beating two or three players on the left wing, getting to the corner of the penalty area and striking a sweet right foot curling shot into the far top corner of the goal to which most people on the pitched chorused, “Good Goal!”

You decide. I don’t keep a CV, at age 47 I still play indoor football but I will need my coaching badges. I am skint at the moment and and will have to have borrowed money to pay for the stamp for this letter. I just hope it reaches you by Wednesday (Thursday) when you play Blackburn Rovers.

I look forward to the day when all land disputes are settled by football matches which is related in the Coat of Peace of the House of Ewood above. ‘fede sendoa’ is Basque for ‘Strong Faith’ and the House of Ewood stems from four generations of our family living on Bolton Road, Ewood. It is nothing to do with the fact that Blackburn Rovers play home matches at Ewood Park.

I have 8 ‘O’-Levels, 3 ‘A’-Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and dropped out of Polytechnic after passing two years of a course in Electronic & Information Engineering. I program computers, write history and research genealogy being self-employed since 1991 and now allowed to work up to 16 hours per week.

I need the experience with Leeds United to one day become England manager and win the World Cup again. All I can promise is that I will be no worse than Brian Clough during his tenure at Leeds United and quite likely eclipse him at club football level as a manager. I will need a 5 year contract with good remuneration.

Further details can be discussed at interview closer to the Summer. Meanwhile you may write to me with your thoughts or email or tweet your thoughts.

Yours Faithfully,

Damian John Brown

Which Royalty?

There is a debate going on between Landlord Steve of Barzooka on Victoria Street, Blackburn, Lancashire and Homeworking Artist DJB as to how the Coat of Arms came to be above the door of Barzooka which was previously the Royal Hotel.

Both know it was the Royal Hotel as there is a classic mosaic floor in the entrance porch of Barzooka.

Steve has come up with the theory that Queen Victoria slept at the Hotel when the Queen Victoria Statue on the Old Boulevard was erected and that is why it has a Royal Coat of Arms displayed ceremoniously above the door painted in grand colours.

Artist DJB, who has a work of art displayed in Barzooka, has done a little research by way of a book by GEO. C. MILLER entitled ‘Blackburn – The Evolution of a Cotton Town’ where it states that in 1938 HRH the Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood, laid a stone in the Cathedral to commemorate the beginning of building the tower and transepts of the town’s Cathedral Church of Saint Mary the Virgin.

Perhaps this is when the Royal Coat of Arms was added should HRH Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, have stayed there.

Further research is needed and perhaps some local historian or Grandma or Grandad knows more about the Royal Hotel. (Tuesday 27/10/2015 OO:28am – Not Researched Yet Online)

Barzooka is open on Friday & Saturday evenings for you to join in the debate or inform Steve and Artist DJB with the correct facts.

Barzooka is known for its legendary cocktails, alternative music and artistic culture.

Drink Responsibly… For The Facts…

Tweet: @EnglandRovers

To The Manors of Lancashire Born

A Pulsating Saga of the Ins & Outs, Ups & Downs, of Possible Distant Family Ties Originating in Placenames Where Ancestors Could Have Been Lords of the Manor, Some of Them Freeholders and Freemen, Knights too and Baronets.

The History of Lancashire From The Anglo-Saxon Medieval Epoch Up To the 20th Century Will Surprise and Delight You and You May Recognise Some of The Characteristics In Yourself.  We Live In A Changing World But This Book Asks The Question, “Is It Fact or Fiction or Can We Change Back?”


Excerpts of The Book Will Be Posted On This Blog So Check Back