Rocket Post! - Based In Blackburn, Lancasire, England, BB2 2AA - 50,000 Leaflet Drop Startinng Before Christmas : 10p per Card or Letter From To Anywhere in Town - Usually 25p per Card or Letter but for Special Days Like Eid, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter when it goes back to 10p per Item

Packages & Presents Delivered To & From Anywhere In Town Just £1 per Kg - Packages & Presents Carriage by Bike & Trailer - Local eBay Transactions

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Webmaster: - £25 Portal Page Fee with Database Webpage Statistics - - Portal Page Contains Contact Details & Your Website Link - For Example See Rocket Post! - Postal Service Based In Blackburn, Lancashire, England, BB2 2AA


Rocket Post! #Blackburn Based - Special Rates for #Christmas #Cards & #Letters Only 10p Each - #Packages & #Presents Delivered #Sameday Only £1 per Kg #Rovers #BRFC #Gifts 50p per Kg #Exclusive to Blackburn - Delivered By #Bike & #Trailer In All #Weather >

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